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I feel comfortable at Lernzuflucht! Tutoring Hagen: Modern tutoring in the centre of Hagen

Please feel free to drop by personally during office hours to get detailed information or call us spontaneously at 02331-624403. We will be happy to explain our attractive programme for tutoring in Hagen!

Our programme for tutoring in Hagen

The Lernzuflucht is an ideal place for tutoring, language courses and further education, because our modern premises offer space for small and larger groups. The attractive furnishings immediately create a familiar atmosphere, so that everyone feels comfortable while learning here. Tutoring Hagen: With us, the student is the centre of attention! Whether for grade 1 or grade 12 or for studies or training: We will find the solution to your problem.

Lernzuflucht Hagen Nachhilfe Programm Hagen tutoring
Nachhilfe Hagen – konzentriertes, zielbewusstes Arbeiten!

Our office hours

Monday to Friday 13:00 to 18:30 – Saturday 10:30 to 13:30

(in the holiday period Monday to Friday 09:00 to 14:00)

Lernen ohne Limit Hagen tutoring
Your advantages at Lernzuflucht Hagen

Personal tutoring, video lessons or mixed – you choose!

Want to continue learning while on holiday? – No problem, tutoring is also available online via Zoom and Padlet. For more information, please contact us personally or call 02331-624403!

Tutoring Hagen: Learning support within the framework of the education package (Alg2 recipients)

We also offer tutoring within the framework of the education package. We accept the vouchers of the Job Centre Hagen and the district Ennepetal. Please contact us so that we can inform you about details of our offer for your education voucher. Of course, we treat your enquiries with the necessary discretion. Our tutors are committed to treating all students equally, regardless of social background. Make use of your right to funding for tutoring with the education voucher and we will support you!

Further information about tutoring with an education voucher

Our guarantee: With us, you don’t have to pay a cent extra for tutoring with an education voucher, because the voucher alone is enough!

Bildungsgutscheine sind das Ticket für echtes Nachhilfe-Handwerk. Hagen tutoring
Bildungsgutschein bei der Lernzuflucht Hagen Nachhilfe diskret und erfolgreich einlösen!

Tutoring at Lernzuflucht is for everyone!

The Lernzuflucht participates in the programme Ankommen und Aufholen für Kinder und Jugendliche (Arriving and Catching Up for Children and Young People). With the support of the federal government, the state government provides schools with vouchers for free tutoring for 2021 and the school year 2022/23. Under this programme, schools are supported in working through and compensating for the consequences of the pandemic as best they can. We would be happy to advise you on the details of this programme.

We at Lernzuflucht Hagen offer tutoring in face-to-face lessons and optionally via Zoom in video chat. So all students are welcome again in person.

Hagen tutoring
Jetzt mit Nachhilfe in Hagens Mitte das neue Schuljahr zum Erfolg machen!

Lernzuflucht Hagen tutoring is prepared for anything!

We work with all modern learning tools that make closing gaps and teaching easier. With Padlet, an individual desk is available for each student so that the exchange of corrections, work materials, learning suggestions and subject questions is convenient and smart. At Lernzuflucht Hagen, digitisation is not just a fine Sunday speech, but a vital principle for tutoring!

Wir haben die Zeit seit dem Lockdown genutzt und unsere Kompetenz im Bereich des digitalen Lernens weiter perfektioniert. Lassen Sie sich überraschen!

Tutoring Hagen: Continuously active for you

We are also available for you in our office from Monday to Saturday. We are happy to take your calls and e-mails. You can reach us around the clock via WhatsApp. We try to process all enquiries as quickly as possible…

Questions? – Contact the owner Mr. Michael Thoms via WhatsApp now!

Sofort-Kontakt per WhatsApp

For our customers, we are of course available as usual in person, online and by phone. We are happy to send learning materials, answer all doubtful questions and correction requests as quickly as we can.

Lernzuflucht available online and offline

Tutoring Hagen is now also called online tutoring. In view of the current situation, we are in the process of significantly expanding our programme for our students and clients. We work successfully with the online learning rooms for each student individually, according to personal needs.

Tutoring Hagen: For the whole city and the surrounding area!

Our students come from all over Hagen and the surrounding area: Mittelstadt, Wehringhausen, Haspe, Altenhagen, Boele, Vorhalle, Hohenlimburg, Dahl, Herdecke, Breckerfeld, Wetter, Schwerte, Witten. We are conveniently located near the main railway station opposite the Fichtegymnasium. Bus lines 521 and 525 stop right outside our front door, and the central bus station „Stadtmitte“ is only a three-minute walk away. So easy and fast with tailor-made tutoring in Hagen!

Mann auf Gipfel im Gegenlicht. Sonne scheint durch mittelhohe Wolken. Hagen tutoring
Expedition zu immer neuen Wissensgebieten, im Dienst des Schülererfolgs

The Lernzuflucht is an ideal place for tutoring, language courses and further education, because our modern premises offer space for small and larger groups. The attractive furnishings immediately create a family atmosphere so that everyone feels comfortable while learning here. Tutoring Hagen: With us, the student is the centre of attention! Whether for grade 1 or grade 12 or for studies or training: We will find the solution to your problem.

Frau blickt nach oben, Ausschnitt des Gesichts

Flexible start to tutoring

At Lernzuflucht there are no contracts for tuition for half a year or even a whole year. Who knows whether tutoring will still be necessary a year later or whether the financial situation will change?

Lernzuflucht Nachhilfe Hagen Logo; Jubelnde Kinder; Jetzt das Schuljahr zum Erfolg machen! Hagen tutoring
Work on success and jump over the hurdles…

That is why Lernzuflucht is as flexible as modern times require. Contracts can be cancelled at any time at the end of the following month. Of course, it is also possible to sign up for our tutoring for a limited period of time first. This way you always keep your costs under control!

No registration fee and no hidden costs

Furthermore, you pay no registration fee for tutoring at Lernzuflucht and nothing for the abundant teaching materials provided to tutoring students by the teachers at our school.

We make no secret of our tutoring prices because we are unrivaled as to our affordability.

Click here for the price list.

Hier geht es zur Preisliste.

Frau, die verzweifelt in einem Buch liest. Hagen tutoring
Nicht verzweifeln, Nachhilfe erreicht ihr Ziel!

Placement test to determine support needs

We do not start tutoring at Lernzuflucht Hagen randomly and without strategy. That’s why the lessons start with a computer-based placement test, so that the teachers know which subjects are particularly poorly mastered and require support. In this way, our tutors can make full use of their competence. Therefore, there is always the possibility to repeat this test in order to track progress.

Hagen tutoring

In this context, we provide individual tests for the most requested subjects, especially the main subjects, which fit the respective grade level. Tutors can initiate this review; however, it is also possible for students and parents to retake this assessment from home via our course portal. So whether it’s Maths, German, English, French, Latin or other subjects – you can rely on our tutoring!

Mädchen lehnt an einer bunten Wand und lächelt.
Our new student?

Gang in einer Bibliothek, der Weg durch den Wissens-Dschungel

Do you have any questions about tutoring with us? Please call us at 02331-624403 or send us an e-mail to buero@lernzuflucht.de

Our office hours are from Monday to Friday from 1pm to 6.30pm, on Saturday from 10.30am to 1.30pm. However, during the holidays we are open from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 2 pm. In any case, you are welcome to drop by unannounced. This means that we offer tutoring all year round – even during all holidays!

Benefit from the possibilities of modern, motivating tuition right in the centre of Hagen. Flexibility and innovative ideas are our programme.

How to find Lernzuflucht Hagen

Detektiv, Fragezeichen, Lupe
Kinder, Handwerkszeug, Logo der Lernzuflucht Hagen Nachhilfe, jetzt bewerben!
Bei uns ist Nachhilfe ein Handwerk und nicht eine anonyme Filialkette.

1:00 pm – 6:30 pm
1:00 pm – 6:30 pm
1:00 pm – 6:30 pm
1:00 pm – 6:30 pm
1:00 pm – 6:30 pm
10:30 am – 1:30 pm




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